something about me:)
2007-08-14 @ 23:34:01
Hi My name is Ania, I'm 20 years old girl from small city in Poland:) I start writing this blog because i need to practise my english language. I'm english student at the first year. But really i'm not the best, i do too many mistakes i've got problem with talking and writing composition. So I thought that I would be writing english blog and in this way i can improve my language:)

If you see any mistakes, please tell me:)

Hello! I have the same problem. But I'm only sixteen. I'm going to go to very good school and I'm in class with english so I must practise and improve my english. So I started to writing blog a few days ago. I hope that I'll improve my english before school and I wish you the same. Good luck!
I think that you ought to say I start writing instead of I start wrote. But I don't know for 100 persents.
And one more I think you should say I do many mistakes instead of I have done to many mistakes.
Where will you study? and what?
And did you pass matura exam from English?
Good luck in improve your language.
See ya :-)
Hello and welcome!!!
In this year I'm going to study english as like you;-)
I have the same problems- for me writing is nightmare!!! Here we can write everything and learn more words so writing becoming much more easier.
Wish you the best and see you to the next note;-]
Heigh! I´m afraid. I´m not very gut but I want to try. Today is my first time and I write not to much. This ist only introduction. My name is Monika. I learned English a years ago. Afterwards I learned three years German very intensive. I´m trying to remind of English now. This is difficult to me. Please support to me. Gretting. Monika

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