2006-09-19 @ 20:11:28
First I want to apologise for my pause.

When I woke up I was in the same room. It was a bit brighter than before. I saw that the window was open. There was no my roommate. The place he was lying was empty. There was only a blood. It seemed that somebody tried to tidy the blood with a rug but it wasn't precisely clean.
Hopefully I was all right. I couldn't still move but despite all I was happy I'm alive.
I wondered what did happen to that guy. I assume he is dead.
Now realised I'll be next. The one with an axe was crazy. He even didn't say a word. He just pulled his tool and use it. Where is he now. What's the aim of my presence here? What he want from me? Why did he pick up me? Is there any pattern in his choose?
I got hungry. To my suprise I found a jelly just next to me. It was on a plate. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was cold but always a food. I began eating. Now new thought came across my mind: Why did he give me a food? WHY?!
What is this all about? Maybe it's poisoned? But I didn't have a choice. I was starving. If I don't eat I'm going to die. I must have something wet. My mouth are so dry. I'll eat and see what happen next...
2006-08-28 @ 20:10:59
We were lying and talking. It was very important to have a conversation. Otherwise we could got crazy.

Suddenly the door has opened. We were relieved.
Yes, finally somebody is to rescue us.
But instead of policemen in the door there appeared a short balding man.

- Thanks to God! You have no idea how we are happy to see you! - Trevor shouted.
He was so happy. But no long time. Stranger got an axe hidden behind his back.


But the stranget didn't say a word. He took his exe up, swang and cut Trever's hand.

I was so terrified that I could't take a breath.
"I will die" I thought. I felt cold and blacked out***.


to be continued...
Strange room
2006-08-02 @ 17:40:23
I tried to move for a while but after a few tries I gave up. Somebody had to gave me some medicines that made me impossible to move.

I was starring at The window. Sudennly I heard a noise. I was scared. "Someone is going to kill me" I thought. I tried to do something but I couldn't. In a while I realized that the noise comes from the corner of the room. "What the ..." I told to myself. Is that a rat. Oh no, he will bite me. For a second I forgot about the situation I was in and thought of a disease that the rat could give me.

I didn't move hoping the rat won't come to me. The noise stopped and I heard human voice: " Is someone here?! Halo! Anyone can help me?!"

Uff I'm not alone. Somebody there is with me I told to myself.

- Hey man, who are you - I said.
- Where Am I - the voice said.
- I don't know. I don't know how I got here I who did take me here - I explained.

Later I found out that his name was Trevor and he was a doctor. He also didn't know what happen to him. He also told me that we were under influence of some kind of medicine that make us incapable of moving but it was pernament. We will be able to move in a few hours.

We could only wait...
Episode 1
2006-07-23 @ 13:59:20
Inspirated by Pitek I also will try write my own story. I hope I will gain at least a few readers.


I woke up in a dark room. I didn't know where I am and what happened. I lied on a floor next to the table. It was dark in there as there was only one small window. It was so dirty that hardly sunshines could reach the room. I could see only shapes.
I think it was a wardrobe in the corner. I couldn't move. Something happened to me. I tried to remember what I had done the day before. I couldn't concentrate and had headache. I felt like I were drunk but I knew I hadn't drink anything. The only thing I remember is that I were driving home. I couldn't retrace anything else. I tried to think what could happen. Did I had a car accident, somebody kidnapped me?

I knew I had many enemies as I was a prosecutor. Is it possible that somebody takes revenge for what I did for him?
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