Storm outside, the calmness in me
2015-06-09 @ 09:11:16
Storm outside, the calmness in me.
Sometimes you can feel totally contradictory sensations... For example, the day is very calm but you inside feel a little confused, worry or anxious. I have totally diffirent feeling today. The weather outside is really scary. The storm is very loudly. But I feel very relaxed, calm... Very pleasantly, I think. Maybe because.... Im wondering what to write, but I dont have really good explanation. It's not obvious.
Planning all day... Now I'm doing what I wanted;)
2015-06-08 @ 20:22:38
Today I had a feeling that someting should be changed... I mean here that my english learning should achieve a little higher level. The methods which I used werent sometimes succesfull. I' ve understood that I should add something else to my everyday's learnig... I here I am ;)
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