The end of year...
2008-12-28 @ 13:48:58
I know, I know. I'm goinig to my blog, writting, leaving... And next I don't come a few months. Anyway I return again.
Now I've got a strange winter. I think I wanted holidays and many, many free time in previous years. And now... I often think about holidays which was in this year. It was really fantastic vacation. Croatia... I was in this country third time, but it was unique holiday. Oh... I really really liked it.

So... I't time to late wishes for Christmas.
I wish you health, happiness and many time which you can spend with family. All the best :)
I know it's after, but... I wish it for you for every day.

And - for luck not late - New Year's wishes. So I wish you that 2009 year will be very, very good, healthy, happy and nice.

Greetings :)
About third class and problem with English word ;)
2008-09-26 @ 17:09:38
Oh, I think my blog exists year. Till year. I know I didn't write all the time, but it's really long time of writting blog for me ;)
Holiday finished almost month ago. We must go to school again. Now I'm in third class (I'm going to gimnazjum) and we got many changes for this last year at this school. We've got new teachers, our 'main teacher' changed too (polish word "wychowawca" - I didn't know this word in English, my dictionary too xD Do you know this word? Say me, please ;)).
And - tradiotionally - can you correct my mistakes? Please ;D
Greetings :)
2008-06-06 @ 15:25:42
It's already June, so I add next note. I thought that I had added note few days ago. Meanwhile I look at blog and I see that last note was wrote on 6th May. Oh, time goes by so quickly!
Look - today is 9th June. The end of school year will be on 20th June. Forteen days, two weeks. Yeah, I want holidays very, very much! =D

I know, I know - my note is short and not interesting. But I said - I can't write in English as good as in Polish. So I'm going to the end of this note.
As usually - please about correct my mistakes :)
2008-05-09 @ 19:24:50
So... I add next note. I have a sensation that I wrote a few day ago... But last note was on 17th February. Oh. Time goes by so fastly!
But I am pleased, because holidays are coming ;D
At school we spend about twenty eight days. - yeah, it's my favourite sentence :P
I know, I know, my note is very short - as usual xD. Forgive me ;)
And correct me, if I made mistakes in my statements.
Greetings :)
My return ;]
2008-02-17 @ 11:26:40
After long break I'm...
coming back!
I know, you're glading so much :P
From today I'll write from time to time. I write blog by Polish too. And I think so I'm better in it a bit ;].
OK, I'm finishing - longer note will be soon.
I'm apologizing you for mistakes. You can correct me :).
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