2010-11-27 @ 16:56:23
This weekend I spent with my nephew. He has his years and is very sweet. Today we made a snowman together and we were on a walk. We love him!
hard week
2010-11-20 @ 12:11:57
This week was very heavy. I had to write a work of antiquity into Polish. On Thursday I had a very difficult test of geography. But now the weekend!
My walk
2010-11-14 @ 21:44:57
Today I had a nice walk. Today`s autumn was a real polish one.
The sun, the temperature, my favorite Sołacz park with all beautiful colors of leaves...
Even my dog has noticed all that beauty of that day. She was calm and nice. Just as my walk today!
dog show!
2010-11-07 @ 23:08:57
Today, along with my parents I was at the dog show. All dogs were beautiful. But my dog and so is the prettiest.
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