Writing the blog in English – helps or doesn’t helps to develop language skills?
2013-01-24 @ 14:05:45
I wonder, if writing blog in English indeed improves our language skills. You know, we write a lot of posts, but likely we make a lot of mistakes. Nobody correct us, so in practice we don’t know that we do these errors. Other people, who read our blog can duplicate our mistakes.
So, What is the advantage of writing blog in English? What do you think about this?
For me, it’s very important. Because I can learn new words and I can make sentences. In my real life I haven’t possibilities to use English language. So, writing in English gives me the good habits and lets me think in this language. Besides written English is also important and useful (for example at work).
By the way, if someone find my errors and correct them, I’ll be grateful.
So people , don’t afraid of writing blogs or correct others, because we count on it :-)
Tell me please, what advantages do you have of writing in English?

More Patience
2013-01-23 @ 12:28:25
Hi Dears,
I know, I haven’t written for a long time. Although I promised some posts before, that I’ll be write something every day, I didn’t it. Why…? I don’t know. I was afraid of your evaluation.
But now I think, that I was stupid, I write this blog to improve my language. Never mind I make a lot of mistake. So, I’ve decided to return to writing here.
I’ll try do it regularly. Likely It won’t be every day, cuz I don’t have too much to say :-)
I’ll try write interesting posts, so I invite you to reading.
I look forward to your comments, I would like to know your opinion. I hope, you won’t be bored :-)
So, we’re starting again :-)

First I would like to ask you about one skill, which you would like to have. You know, if you would have a possibility ask God for one skill, what would it be?
Maybe: drawing, painting, writing, easy learning or on the other hand: good communication, empathy, better understanding people… Do you have any idea?
I think that I would ask for more patience. My problem is that I have too little patience.
We need patience in each area of our life, both during our childhood as well as when we are adults. We need patience to learning new things, to learning new languages, to choosing our life ways, to looking after our children. So, I suppose that if I had more patience, probably my life would be easier. Probably I would know two languages, I would graduate better school and I would have dream job. Sure I wouldn’t so nervous and my family would be happier.
So, summing I definitely choose more patience. And you?
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