Dear J.
2012-12-28 @ 14:16:20
The Christmas has ended… I was in my parents. There was very nice, but a little tiring. You know, too many people in one place. And too many screaming children :-) I love children. All the more, There were also my son and my nephews. Nevertheless it was a little tiring.
I’m very curious what about you and your son? Where did you spend your Christmas? You haven’t written to me since a long time. How is your mother? Are you pleased for your new job? I hope so.
Do you remember about our promise, we wanted improve our English skills. Perhaps your English is very well, but my English is bad as you can see here.
I know, that I should learn every day but I can’t. I have no time and opportunities. I have forgotten everything… so fast. I hope that new year will be better. I hope, that new year bring me new possibilities. I wish you all the best.
Please, write to me as soon as you can. I’m looking forward to your answer.
Best Regards
My Boss
2012-12-28 @ 13:54:30
My boss is like a spoiled child. He is offended when things don’t go his way. It’s very bad habit. He can’t forgive. He remembers everything and waits on the right moment to use it against you.
I don’t like him. He’s a very bad men. He doesn’t respect people and people don’t respect him. So do I. He’s very greedy, hypocritical and arrogant.
I have to change my job. I’ll do it in 2013 :-)

My English Skills
2012-12-07 @ 13:20:10
You know, when I look through your posts, I think my English is awful. I’m certain, I do a lot of mistakes and I use the simplest language. My level is very low. I’m so sad. I haven’t skills to learn language. I promised before that I'll be write something every day but I don’t know what about?
It’s so difficult talk and think in foreign language.
Maybe somebody has a way on easier learning English? I know, this question is repeated over and over again by other… I saw in the other posts.
I greet all.
The Winter
2012-12-07 @ 11:48:58
The world is beautiful. It’s snowing. Everywhere is white and shine. I like the soft snow :-)
I love this period when is the winter, but no freezing. Obviously, as a driver, I know that I’ll have to shovel snow car every morning and every other time when I want to drive somewhere.
But it doesn’t matter. The world around is wonderful. My son will be happy. He will just want to ride on a sled. This year I would like to learn him skating. I hope that I can do it :-)
Besides, I’m sure that he’ll torture me, that we did a snowman.
The winter is definitely better than the late autumn, when it’s raining and it’s cold.
Cheer up my Dear!!! The Christmas will be soon,I really hope that this year they will be white.

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