The Jumble Of Thoughts
2012-11-28 @ 12:49:35
I know that I should write something but I don’t know what about…
It’s so difficult to express my thoughts, maybe I try at other time...?
I don’t know even, if anybody read it.
Probably I make a lot of mistake, not only in English, so just in the life. But I can do it, I’m only a human :-) People make mistakes.
When I was a teenager I had to choose a further way. I had to answer on a question, what I will do in my future life. I didn’t know and nobody tell me what shall I do and what I need. I was afraid of my future like thousands of others teenagers. We had no magic ball, which could predict our future.
I don’t know, if I’ve choose correctly. Sometimes I’m glad of my choices and sometimes not. Frequently I’ve changed my mind.
Today I’m smarter and I think that a few matters in my life, I would change. I understand the young people and their fear. I know also that situation in Poland is really difficult and doesn’t help them in their choices. Otherwise the adults heighten their fear with unemployment.
Nowadays the young people are guided by pragmatism rather than dreams.
The rat race starts since the childhood and lasts until retirement. And then what, the poverty again.
2012-11-23 @ 15:41:37
I’ve got a weekend! Weekend! Weekend!
I’ve got a weekend! Weekend! Weekend!
At last I feel better and I can sing (although I have neither musical ear nor sense of rhythm).
So, in a few minutes I’m coming back at home. “Home, my sweet home” – finally I understand these words ;-)
Depressing Mood
2012-11-23 @ 11:45:15
I’m very tired today. I have a bad mood. My work depresses me. My boss is arrogant and cocky.
After yesterday’s interview I can’t stop think, that I lost such chance.
The weather doesn’t help to think positive. I’m sorry to complaining a lot today.
Today is Friday, it’s a very good news. In a few hours we’ll begin weekend :-)
Maybe I be able to sleep a little longer. If my child will let me obviously :-)
Have a nice weekend for Everyone, who's reading my blog !!!

An Recruitment Interview
2012-11-22 @ 10:19:00
Yesterday I was at a recruitment interview. It was a big corporation. Exactly it was my dream job. If they hired me, I could develop myself and use English language. Unfortunately the interview was in English, so as you could guess, I screwed up :-(
I wasn’t bad, but probably It wasn’t enough. So my dears, learn from my mistakes and learn foreign languages. I feel very sad because of this interview.
Maybe it's better, because my job would require to communicate in english. Surely would be worse, if I didn't manage later.
2012-11-20 @ 11:17:34
I’m really lazy person. I’ve learned English so long that I should talk in English fluently.
Unfortunately I don’t because I’m very lazy and I have no skills to learning languages.
Recently I’ve decided to write in English every day, but it’s a little silly to write for myself.
Probably I’ll make a lot of mistakes, so if anybody would tell me what I do wrong, I’ll be really grateful. Writing this, I hope that I’ll be more courage and I’ll start to talk in English.
I know that I should do anything else for example watch TV in English or read English books but It’s not so simple. I know also that I maybe should take part in any English course, but I have no money.
The life is really funny. When I had a little money and possibilities I had no desire, but now when I have necessary and want to know English, I have no money and possibilities.
To tell the truth I was a little motivated by my child, because he has started to learn English and sometimes he needs my help.
Otherwise I have to change my job and I really need to know English language.
So, a little about me. I’m 33. I’m a wife and a mother and a great payroll specialist :-) , but as you know I don’t know English well – it’s my weakness.
I hope to change that soon :-)

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