Writing the blog in English – helps or doesn’t helps to develop language skills?
2013-01-24 @ 14:05:45
I wonder, if writing blog in English indeed improves our language skills. You know, we write a lot of posts, but likely we make a lot of mistakes. Nobody correct us, so in practice we don’t know that we do these errors. Other people, who read our blog can duplicate our mistakes.
So, What is the advantage of writing blog in English? What do you think about this?
For me, it’s very important. Because I can learn new words and I can make sentences. In my real life I haven’t possibilities to use English language. So, writing in English gives me the good habits and lets me think in this language. Besides written English is also important and useful (for example at work).
By the way, if someone find my errors and correct them, I’ll be grateful.
So people , don’t afraid of writing blogs or correct others, because we count on it :-)
Tell me please, what advantages do you have of writing in English?


some mistakes, indeed;-)
but likely we make a lot of mistakes-->but we are likely to make a lot of mistakes
Nobody correct us-->correctS us
we do these errors-->make these errors
gives me the good habits-->dziwnie brzmi
Besides written-->besides writing
if someone findS my errors and correctS them
don’t afraid -->don't be afraid

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