Dear J.
2012-12-28 @ 14:16:20
The Christmas has ended… I was in my parents. There was very nice, but a little tiring. You know, too many people in one place. And too many screaming children :-) I love children. All the more, There were also my son and my nephews. Nevertheless it was a little tiring.
I’m very curious what about you and your son? Where did you spend your Christmas? You haven’t written to me since a long time. How is your mother? Are you pleased for your new job? I hope so.
Do you remember about our promise, we wanted improve our English skills. Perhaps your English is very well, but my English is bad as you can see here.
I know, that I should learn every day but I can’t. I have no time and opportunities. I have forgotten everything… so fast. I hope that new year will be better. I hope, that new year bring me new possibilities. I wish you all the best.
Please, write to me as soon as you can. I’m looking forward to your answer.
Best Regards

Hello ! I hope that the 2013 will bring you many opportunites to learn English !

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