The Jumble Of Thoughts
2012-11-28 @ 12:49:35
I know that I should write something but I don’t know what about…
It’s so difficult to express my thoughts, maybe I try at other time...?
I don’t know even, if anybody read it.
Probably I make a lot of mistake, not only in English, so just in the life. But I can do it, I’m only a human :-) People make mistakes.
When I was a teenager I had to choose a further way. I had to answer on a question, what I will do in my future life. I didn’t know and nobody tell me what shall I do and what I need. I was afraid of my future like thousands of others teenagers. We had no magic ball, which could predict our future.
I don’t know, if I’ve choose correctly. Sometimes I’m glad of my choices and sometimes not. Frequently I’ve changed my mind.
Today I’m smarter and I think that a few matters in my life, I would change. I understand the young people and their fear. I know also that situation in Poland is really difficult and doesn’t help them in their choices. Otherwise the adults heighten their fear with unemployment.
Nowadays the young people are guided by pragmatism rather than dreams.
The rat race starts since the childhood and lasts until retirement. And then what, the poverty again.

Just somebody
I entirely agre that nowadays people don'f follow their dreams. How exciting work could be if people did what they love... Well, if they are not lucky to have this kind of wanted jobs, perhaps they just need to fulfil their life expectations and dreams in the evening after work :)
Life would not be possible without following dreams :)

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