2009-05-31 @ 14:39:06
I haven't had the time lately.
I must sit at home with heap of books and learn a lot.
Fortunately I had some relax with my boyfriend yesterday. We was celebreting our 9 month.
We went to the cinema and to the pub so I had some fun.

I'm scared.
The mother's day
2009-05-26 @ 16:40:52
It is one of the sadnest day in year for me.
I envy all people whose will come to their mothers, will give them flowers, gifts..
It is really sad to bring your own mother flowers to the cementary..

Love yours mothers whatever how is she.. And respekt her.
First day of the week
2009-05-25 @ 22:37:16
I woke up today, went to school, went among places which I know too well.
And I felt longing to London. So magic places, black taxis, high buildings, these people..
I want come back there so much.
But maybe one day..

I must get used to my city again.

And.. you must listen to Coldplay - the scientist

Take care people :)
2009-05-23 @ 16:03:40
Ohhh.. It was really really fantastic trip!
It was one of the best experience in my live!
I love that people, that culture, that places, that shops.. everything! (maybe expect food - I've eaten fast food for 5 days and it was terrible.. I'm not used to eat food like this..)
I'll wanna arrive to London once again!
Love Fridays
2009-05-16 @ 12:57:53
Yester meeting was really successful ;)
I met new people from my future school and I really love them all.
I slept to 12 a.m. It was my last chance to rest before my trip to London.
On the tomorrow's morning we are leaving to England. I'm really,really happy! I'll sit with my boyfriend in the bus, so I guess we'll argue few times ;D 24 hours in the bus.. I'll must stand it somehow ;)
I'll write here when I'll come back to Poland.
I hope we will have not very rainy weather there ;)
Take care!
Thursday afternoon
2009-05-14 @ 21:01:49
It's nice to relax after few hard days. I love to take his hand and just walk :)
Tomorrow I'll have bussy day.. School, grandma's visit and relax with friends so I'm happy ;)
2 days left to my trip to London.. 24 hours in the bus with crazy people from my school, it will be very looong trip ;D
It seems like all day learning.
2009-05-13 @ 16:16:06
Yeah, I'll spend my day with books. I must correct my marks. How I hate days like this..

Fortunately on Friday I'll spend nice evening dancing to rap and reagge music with my friends.

So, take care ;)
No more learn, please.
2009-05-12 @ 14:57:22
Chinese food, meeting with him.

Maybe it'll make my day a little better.
I just wanna holidays!
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