The mother's day
2009-05-26 @ 16:40:52
It is one of the sadnest day in year for me.
I envy all people whose will come to their mothers, will give them flowers, gifts..
It is really sad to bring your own mother flowers to the cementary..

Love yours mothers whatever how is she.. And respekt her.

I really so sorry.Your note realized me something,and you've right
I'm sorry.
We often don't underestimate our mother, but when we lose them, then we understand how important they were.
It is very sad, but your mother look down on you and she must be proud of her wonderful daughter:)
I have wondefull mother, but I couden't see her, becouse I live in USA.
I often don't underestimate my mother, but when I lose her , I understend how importent she is.I belive our mothers look down on us.
good luckr9a

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