Broken promise
2009-09-21 @ 22:41:28
I promised to myself that I won't be ill.
I ate meds, vitamins etc, etc..
But.. I knew it ! I knew that I will be ill, becouse that's normal for me in this season.

But.. It's a chance for me to read 'Król Edyp' becouse I have to do it.. How I hate obligatory books !
I got the newest Paulo Coelho's book from my boyfriend yesterday.. How I wanted to read it !
Now it's really painful to have this book and can't read it, becouse Edyp is more important.

I've got discography of Coldplay
Life isn't so bad :)
Nothing about holidays
2009-06-21 @ 00:20:12
Today me and my boyfriend celebrated my brithday.
He made dinner for me which was so sweet. Next he gave me cute bracelet and book. My dad gave me book too but I love reading so I'll read it when I'm in Italy.

I want better weather!!!
Evenings like this
2009-06-07 @ 22:11:17
I love standing and looking through the window pane when it's raining. Just standing with big cup of tea. It is so relaxing especially when I know that the next day will be hard for me.
I love reading about Second World War but I have learned about this since 4 hours so I'm tired.

I think that everything is too perfect recently.
I love this feeling but maybe it is just the calm before the storm.

"Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm"

I can do everything
2009-06-06 @ 14:39:38
I'm so happy! I passed the exam to my future class.
I was really stress when I was waiting for results but now I'm so proud of myself. I know that if I only want I'll do everything.

2 weeks to holidays!
and I've come undone
2009-06-04 @ 19:34:29
I feel such better with revised marks of most subjects.
But I'm still tired, too much weak and sleepy..
I'm not going to go to school tomorrow. I'll write my really really important exam of history next week.
I'm stress.. My english exam results will be tomorrow about 12..
I must get in to this school! to my dreamy english class !

I've discovered fantastic hard rock band by chance.

Revelation Theory I think you don't know them, do you? ;)

I need some free time!
2009-06-01 @ 17:03:12
I don't know how some people can learn all the time.
This is my second week when I life like this and I'm really really tired!
2 days to my English exam..
2009-05-31 @ 14:39:06
I haven't had the time lately.
I must sit at home with heap of books and learn a lot.
Fortunately I had some relax with my boyfriend yesterday. We was celebreting our 9 month.
We went to the cinema and to the pub so I had some fun.

I'm scared.
The mother's day
2009-05-26 @ 16:40:52
It is one of the sadnest day in year for me.
I envy all people whose will come to their mothers, will give them flowers, gifts..
It is really sad to bring your own mother flowers to the cementary..

Love yours mothers whatever how is she.. And respekt her.
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