2012-04-30 @ 23:37:21

2012-04-28 @ 00:02:07
Only one thing will never change - You are my best friend forever. I really care about you and I will never forget you, cause you leave sign on my heart.

For Kosa
Do I know you?
2012-04-27 @ 23:57:40
Sometimes I feel that we know each other for a long time, but sometimes you show me another part of you, and I state that I don't know you and you don't know me neither...
2012-04-27 @ 22:57:06
Just one moment, when I picked up your phone and I wanna check what he send to you. and you tell me that is a secret - in this moment you "told" me that YOU DON'T TRUST ME! How I can't be angry?
2012-04-24 @ 22:41:15
Appreciate what you have, because when you lose it, will not get it back
Boyfriend or not
2012-04-24 @ 21:58:46
I promise you, if you just once hurt her and she will be cry, or be miserable I will kill you.

She's the most improtant person in my life and I will not let hurt her, never! Do you understand this?!
2012-04-24 @ 21:51:52
She changes me, I know this, but it doesn't work in one way. I'm changing her too. She is another person who she was, not so long ago as just 8 months ago, before school starts.
2012-04-19 @ 19:01:08
E - energy, which fills me
V - victory, which motivates me
E - evil, which companions me
N - nothing can stops me
G - good, which helps me live
A - angry, which often directed me

It just ME - Crazy girl <3
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