2013-04-09 @ 22:27:03
Still new posts appear in here: http://uthinkuknowthelife.blogspot.com .
This time, there's one about spring and emotions... Check it out by yourself! :)
A lot of reading about my life in english
2013-01-20 @ 10:48:18
If u wanna learn English while reading my posts published on my blog, join my blog which is already very extended, u can always find something suitable for u there :)

(here's the address):

New blog
2011-08-09 @ 11:20:48
Hi everyone:)
I haven't been here for so long because I have a new blog. If you are still interested in reading my posts, go to http://uthinkuknowthelife.blogspot.com/ .
Have a good time :)
There's time for fun and for learing as well...
2011-04-26 @ 20:00:59
Hello my dears,
How have you been today?
The last day at home before coming back to school passed by to fast! Anyway, I saw a doctor which told me I should do inhalations for my stubborn runny nose... It's gonna be fun :D
Easter is done and school's back. In fact those are only three days because next week is all free - exams for the oldest pupils is starting then. Also my class is going for a trip this Friday so there are no lessons then :) So in fact, life isn't as bad as it looks :) Ok, except some hard moments...
I just heard (through a window) a singing bird! I love the nature so much! Especially, when the spring comes...
If you live in a city and can't look at nascent green I'm sorry because of your misfortune :/
Feel free to write me something in comments:)
Have a good day!
Get to know me
2011-04-25 @ 20:18:31
Hey guys!
I'm eugenia, a 17-years-old girl. For a long time I was thinking about creating my own blog - just to express myself, sometimes maybe get some problems off my chest. Oh, and I'm gonna practise my english skills :D
I would like to write about things that make me wondering of this world.
I can see that many people all around me have their pages so it helped me to take a decision with my one...
I hope I won't regret!
Enjoy :)
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