2013-12-15 @ 20:27:20
Today I was at my brother in Warsaw. Next we went to Arcadia.
It was really cool.
2013-12-14 @ 18:25:23

Today a lot of talked to my friend. And I helped my mom a lot. but I was bored a lot.
2013-12-14 @ 16:24:35

Yesterday was a trip to the radom. In the silent film. But I liked that.
Today video
2013-12-11 @ 21:46:58

Today I watched "The story of Christmas Eve".
The video was cool , but when my frends it was impossible to hear.
2013-12-10 @ 22:09:25

Today the school has succeeded me. I had the test. And not know what got .
2013-12-09 @ 16:57:25

Today I was the best of the game. I am won 10 games.I really like this game .
2013-12-08 @ 12:27:18

I must do homework. I have a lot of them. And than to the church .
2013-12-08 @ 12:24:49
Yesterday I was busy. I must help my mom and dad. It snowed so I played with the drab .
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