Death is everywhere
2006-12-12 @ 21:48:34
When death shall close our eyelids... What will we have seen?

My old friend's mother died, my old friend's brother died..
Everybody around me dies.
First funeral, second funeral... what will happen next?

Death is invisible. Suddenly she attacks, kills.. So we can't kill her before.

This is horrible. I don't belive in it !!!
We should belive that death is a gateway into the new better world. So that we would not be anxious about our lives.
Yes death is very sad and sometimes, makes me afraid. In last year die my grandfather. And my mum college, she had cancer.
When die someone who I had known I'm starting to think about what it's happened with us after death, is there reale waiting for us better world or maybe there is nothnig. We're just stopped exist...

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