Some reflection...
2006-12-11 @ 15:20:23
I didn't know, I don't know and I won't know who We are.... But I think that people are just black dust, fragile dust which is following around the Earth. Every storm, rain, cry, every graze can kill us. So I don't know why people scream and hit each other. Smile is so simple.. I know, but it can give a lot of happiness for someone. And this is essence of our life - Every would like to be happy, So - If you are giving happiness, You will get happiness. So who are we? Human is long story or maybe fairytale full of tears, touches, sentences, words, letters, feelings...

I would like to be happy, but sometimes, when I see people who hurt each other this is impossibly for me. Ours life is too short for sadness, for worry. And i agree with You: If you are giving happiness, You will get happiness :).

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