Winter holidays :3
2014-02-23 @ 12:19:49
Hi! I'm sorry I didn't write for a long time.
Spring came. ;3
Sun is shining and it's +10°C, finally. ♥
I'm on dinner in a restaurant, my uncle has got 90th birthday. :)
I'm going to my sister Natalia to Warsaw today :3
But I've got a lot of learning to school after holidays. :(

Word for today:
rajstopy - tights
Valentines Day <3
2014-02-14 @ 22:19:18
I like that day, everywhere are hearts, love and colour red :3
Today my friend is sleeping at my home, we are starting winter holidays ;3
To today I should add posts on my blog, but it's cool and I think I will do it longer. ;)
Happy Valentines! :3

Word for today:
Lamp - lampka
2014-02-13 @ 21:44:34
Oh My God, I don't feel my legs! But it's OK, disco was great :3
tommorow is "colourful day" in school. I want to sleep xd

Word for today:
Tommorow is disco in school :3
2014-02-12 @ 21:15:27
I'm happy today, I don't know why but I'm happy ;3
I'm hungry. :oo
But it's 21 o'clock, I shouldn't.. I will wait to the morning. :3

Word for today:
pen - długopis
I'm singing that all day ;o
2014-02-11 @ 15:34:37

I used to think that I could not go on and life was nothing but an awful song But now I know the meaning of true Love I'm leaning on the Everlasting Arms. If I can see it then I can do it If I just believe it there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day Spread my wings and fly away I believe I can soar I see me runnin' through that open door I believe I can fly I believe I can fly I believe I can fly

See, I was on the verge of breaking down Sometimes silence can seem so loud There are miracles in life I must achieve But first I know it starts inside of me Oh, if I can see it (whoo!) then I can be it If I just believe it there's nothin' to it

I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day Spread my wings and fly away I believe I can soar I see me runnin' through that open door I believe I can fly I believe I can fly...whoo! Oh, I believe I can fly

Hey, Cause I believe in Y
2014-02-11 @ 15:00:20
I'm wathing "Wawa non stop", later I will learn for History and Informatics. ;)
Hello :*
2014-02-11 @ 14:58:51
I'm in good mood. I got 5 from English test today! I love English! :) Tommorow I've got hard day ;c
But on Thursday is disco! :D
And on Friday is Valentine's day :3
I want winter holidays there and now! ;c

Word for today:
pillow - poduszka
: /
2014-02-10 @ 20:20:53
I didn't think, when I was ill, well I didn't add posts on blog. I'm sorry, I won't do that already! ;)
Today is Monday, but it's last one Monday before winter holidays, yeeah :3
Tommorow I've got 6 lessons.

Word for today:
plate - talerz
2014-02-08 @ 12:22:11
I'm so sorry, I didn't add post yesterday, but I'm ill and I feel very weak. Yesterday was Friday, but it was the badest Friday in my life -.- After school I had stomachache and I was lying all evening. Today I already feel better, but I'm still weak.
I hate be ill.
Ok, it's finish mine complaint. ;)
At Thursday I have disco in my school! :3
At next Friday my winter holidays are starting, finely. :)

Word for today:
Roof - dach
Good evening ;*
2014-02-06 @ 17:48:02
I'm in good mood :D I had English test today and I think I will have 4 or 5 :>
Tommorow "Reduta Ordona", cross your fingers for me! :)

If it weren't for psyhics and law enforcement, I'd be unstoppable. :3

Word for today:
floor - podłoga
Snow melts! ;d
2014-02-05 @ 16:31:01
Finally spring is coming :3
Today is Wednesday, hardly day in school. Tommorow I've got two tests - from Englisch and Chemistry. It's terrible. I must do dinner, becouse my parents aren't at home. I go to the kitchen :)

Word for today:
fish - ryba
C ;
2014-02-04 @ 17:23:21
I've got a headache, I want to sleep.
Tommorow I will have hard day, help! :C
I must learn European countries and their capitals on geography (there are 45.....).
Now I'm doing my homework.

Word for today:
storm - burza
; ]
2014-02-03 @ 17:12:49
Hi everyone!
Monday ;_; But in school wasn't very badly, I had "happy number", whereby I didn't have to write unannounced quizes. ^.^

"hope for the best, prepare for the worst"

Word or today:
radiator - kaloryfer, grzejnik
2014-02-02 @ 14:41:07
2014-02-02 @ 10:53:33
I was in the church, I was cold. Still I've got cold legs. Winter ;-;
I've got a lot of learn. Yesterday I didn't learn, it was a mistake :/
On Thursday I will have test from English :/

Word for today:
pajamas - pidżama
To like what you have is to have what you like. : )
2014-02-01 @ 11:45:52
I ♥ weekend. I'm cleaning up my room and listening to music.
Frost holds. I hate winter.

Word for today:
loader - ładowarka
2014-01-31 @ 16:00:04
I decided to learn on Friday and Saturday, well I go to do my homework. But I'm not crazy to the end, lying and lazing are in my plans too! :3
I've got good day.

Word for today:
speaker - głośnik
My motto! :D
2014-01-30 @ 16:49:14
Thurstay is today :D
2014-01-30 @ 16:43:30
Hello, hello. I've got good day. Everythink is OK. I got 5 from chemistry today :3
I began to lose weight today. : )
All day I've got a headache ;c

Word for today:
cookie - ciastko

I ♥ that song --->
Hello :*
2014-01-29 @ 19:27:17
I've got very good day. I was in the cinema on film "Hobbit - pustkowie Smauga". It was fantastic *-* It was science-fiction. Special effects was amazing. Great film, I recommend it you. ;)
Furthermore, I was in KFC. Yummy chicken :3
I'm writing homework on Polish.
Yommorow I start lessons at 8:50. ;)
Greetings! ;*

Word for today:
glue - klej
; *
2014-01-28 @ 17:30:06
Hi! ;)
I got 4 from English today! ;d
Tommorow I will be on only one lesson, becouse I will ride to cinema :3
I'm eating ice creams now, yummy :)

Word for today:
curtain - firanka
booo! ;d
2014-01-27 @ 16:29:22
Hello, hello ;d
I hate mondays. Waking up at the Monday morning is terrible ;-;
Today I had one test - from Deutsch.
My stomach hurts :c
Later I ride to the dentist :3
I want sleep, nothing more.

Word for today:
ręcznik - towel
Tommorow is Monday. WHY? ;C
2014-01-26 @ 21:11:12
I'm learning English vocabulary, tommorow is short test from English. Greetings for my English teacher. ;d
Snow is everywhere. It's terrible. I still hate winter. ;-;
I survive snow, worse is frost..
ygh. I want summer, holidays, +30°C. ♥

Word for today:
tortoise - żółw lądowy
2014-01-24 @ 16:03:35
I came back from school with a headache ;-;
But friday! ;3
On evening I must go to church on "Agapa".
It's very cold, -20°C.
I wish I won't freeze. ;/

Word for today:
winter - zima
2014-01-23 @ 19:33:36
I'm fat and I'm eating cookies. It's very clever ;D
I've got a good day.
Tommorow is FRIDAY! ♥
I must learning on German, becouse I've got test tommorow :(
English is easier than German. :3

Word for today:
odbiorca - rexeiver
I hate winter
2014-01-22 @ 21:48:37
Hi! ;*
It's very, very, very, veery cold today. :( I hate winter and snow.
Today is 22nd Fabruary - Grandfather's day.
2 days to the end of the weekend yet. I will stand, I think.
Tommorow I've got English - more words to learn - i love it!
I'm wathing handball match - Poland 24 : Croatia 27
I'm screaming "POLSKA GOLA!" :D

Word for today:
piłka ręczna - handball

"So many stupid peoples, so few meteors"
2014-01-21 @ 19:17:56
I hate snow - it's too cold. .__.
Today is the second day of the week, I want Friday. ;c

The future starts today, not tomorrow. — Jan Paweł II

Word for today:
life - życie
don't worry, be happy! ;*
2014-01-20 @ 21:09:25
hello, hello. :)
Today is Monday, the worst day in the week, but "I feel good" :3
Tommorow I've got test ;c
They are starting 17th February. ;c
Oh, I ate pizza today, yummy. ♥
Last time I've got very good mood and I'm singing all the time. :D My friends have enough me. Ups ;/ :D

Word for today:
blanket - koc :3
Hello :3
2014-01-19 @ 20:29:53
Today is Sunday. I was in school. ;o
Yeah, really, I was at school at the weekend. I'm strange, I know. But I wasn't on lessons. I was built robot on the additional classes. It was very funny! ^_^
Later I was on walk with friends.
Tommorow I've got test from bio ;c
Oh, I would forget, snow fell today. :C

Word for today:
snowman - bałwan
2014-01-18 @ 10:04:21
I'm sorry I didn't add post yesterday, but I haven't Internet ;_;
today is Saturday <3 Deadbeat's day :3 I must clean up my room today. And I've got a lot of learning ;c

Word for today:
leg - noga
Tommorow is Friday! ♥
2014-01-16 @ 20:45:11
I'm in good mood. :3 I don't know what to write, well I will write nothing. ;)

Word for today:
citizen - obywatel
I'm very lazy ;D
2014-01-15 @ 22:29:51
I've got very good day, except two tests. ;c But "I feel good, tururururu." :D
I'm tired. Good night and beautiful dreams. ;*

Word for today:
strawbery - truskawka

I ♥ strawberies.
All evening with history
2014-01-14 @ 22:41:27
I hate learning. One second, is there somebody, who likes that? I don't think so.
Tommorow I've got two tests. I'm scared :x

Word for today:
picture - zdjęcie
I like that song! :3
2014-01-14 @ 16:28:10
When holidays will come?
2014-01-13 @ 19:18:54
I've got really good day. I want go sleep like every day, but I can't. At Wednesday I've got test from History and Geo, well I have to learn. Unfortunately. :( Have you got any good films, which I can see? Comment my post! :*

Word for today:
clock - zegarek
Good evening!
2014-01-12 @ 19:45:04
I'm very tired. Today was "WOŚP" and I'm on legs since 8 a.m.
I want sleep. Very, very much. But I can't. ;c I must learn polish, biology and physic. Help ;c

Word for today:
winner - zwycięzca
2014-01-11 @ 20:22:09
I'm thinking: Saturday has a morning? ;d I woke up at 10 a.m. I love sleeping. ♥
I was today on "WOŚP" meeting, becouse I will a volunteer tommorow (for first time).
Good night and sweet dreams ;*

Word for today:
fox - lis
2014-01-10 @ 18:13:49
At last is friday. I love that day, becouse I can do nothing. :3
Plans for today? Watching TV, eating and lying. I'm very lazy, I know. ;)

Word for today:
kit - zestaw, komplet
Good evening!
2014-01-09 @ 20:15:56
Hi. I'll give a catarrh in good hands. Really, I don't feel my nose. ;c
However, today was good day for me. I had a short test from Maths and I think I wrote on 5. : ] I know, it's strange, but I really like Maths. ;p
Tommorow is Friday. It's my favourite day of the week. <3

Word for today:
glass - szklanka

Good night! ;*
Stupid catarrh!
2014-01-08 @ 20:28:30
Hi everyone! :*
I've got a good day, except that I'm cold. ;c
I've got a loooooooong homework on history on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for me! :(

"I'm like a SUPER HERO but with no powers ot motiwations" ;/

Word for today:
homework - praca domowa
first post
2014-01-07 @ 18:53:45
Hi everybody!
It’s my first post on my new English blog. It’s my first blog ever :P
Every day I will write what happened in my life. I’ll try to kept my post interesting and funny. Every day I’ll chose a word that everybody should remember :) I hope, that you will enjoy my blog!

Today I got 5 on my English test. I love English (at least to the next test :P).
Furthermore, nothing interesting happen in my life today. I have a cold and I want to go to bed :(

Word for today:
sneeze - kichać
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