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Hey! I`m Joan and I`m twelve yeras old. I love english and for that reason I assumed this blog. My favourite magazine is "English Matters".As far as I am concerned I live in small town, Jarocin with parents, younger sister, guinea pig Fruzia and dachshund Pikuś. I love all animals; from cow to hamster. In the future I want to be a vet. My english level is upper-intermediate. I love shopping, esspecially in Poznań, in Stary Browar. I would like to meet some people, who wants to speak english with me. My skype is: tomekmiksa, e-mail: zyta8@vp.pl, and gadu-gadu number: 4153897. I hope that someone will write or speak to me :)
Oh it's funny I'm also like reading this magazine. In present magazine with Paris I like article about Eating disorders there is a lot of useful and unusual words! You have gwinea pig?? Me too and I named her Florka she's very funny. I really would like to speak with you but my english isn't very good! It's a pity:-( See you..

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