Gadu-gadu communicator
2007-07-11 @ 08:27:03
Everybody from us know what the gadu-gadu communicator is. It is a very common program, esspecially in Poland, but it is known abroad, as well. We can have friends in friends-list and write to them. We may be: available, inaccessible, invisible and we can also have a describe of our feelings. Why am I writting it? Everybody knows about it :). And what`s more, we can add photos to our friens` profile, we may nix stupid profiles, we can even start a conference or conversation. And that`s it about gadu-gadu, and now about people. If you think taht I am interesting person and you wanna write to me I`m giving you my gadu-gadu number: four-one-five-three-eight-nine-seven.
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