Neo kids
2007-07-10 @ 09:59:51
This time, the first time, I would like to show you the most stupid and crazy film on It shows the neo kids (children, who don`t know how to use internet, they make stupid films, have accounts on eg., and write on this webs senseless comments)who are acting a fool. Their parents should immediately adopt a hard line towards them, because it`s quite dangerous to show movie like that.
This film doesn`t have nice comments. I`ll show you some of them: Neostrada + Tibia + Simsy + Eska = te dzieciaki,the one in reds probably gonna get beaten up alot when hes grows up....
As far as I`m concerned I think that this boy in red looks like Harry Potter, and this in black...wants to be a gangster! xD The boys wanted to make a parody of Crazy Frog, but the result is not rosy. Without internet, contrary to all appearances, they may turn out to be absolutely normal boys! So should parents allow their children use the net? Yes, if they are at proper age and they are under their control.
This film you can see in my links...

I think that this what you write is super and great :)

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