2010-07-11 @ 19:45:04
Spain is wonderful!!! I want come back there! I was never on such wonderful holidays! Lloret de is full of parties and discos, the life persist 24 h! Guys are unearthly handsome, and people generally very nice! Weather of course also beautiful!I recommend everyone which want to revel and to have fun this place!

When I will have more free time I will tell also about Barcelona!

Bye, english-girl!


I'm dreamming about Spain. It had to be lovely to be there... And guys there... mmm... awesome ;)

You're lucky!!
That's truth- I'm lucku :D In Spain I survived beautiful moments, I will never forget about them and I am encouraging everyone there to go..

I watched 'Vicky Christina Barcelona' a few months ago and I also think that this city has real climate, specificaly by night, especially in this climate introduce me soundtrack from this film. I really like this song: :)

Eh... I'm so jealous :( Nice that you could go to Spain and foresight this beautiful country... ahh...

btw. survived is a word used when you survive situation that was harmful, it would be better if you said: "I experienced wonderful moments"
I hope that I choose right way. Today I became a student of Psychology at KUL in Lublin. I'm so exciting.

I also had problems with turning when I was ridding on backward ;) so maybe your father is right.
I envy you such a holiday.:))) i waiting for the story of Barcelona. Hugs for you.
thank's ddante for yours reflection |:)

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