Day of hugging
2010-06-24 @ 22:56:33
How you know today is DAY OF HUGGING! What do you think about this? Have you today any adventures with it?

I think, that is good day:) Great it was when strangers people come up and they were divided 'love':D Even better, when appeared some handsome guys... Hihi!:D

I think that Day of Hugging is very necessary day, but people don't know this one.
Nobody huged me :(
Yeah, unfortunately I have to agree with Begdes. People don't know this holiday. Yesterday I wrote sms to my friend. I wrote it's day of hugging so I have to send him hug. And he was astonished.

I think it's a nice idea to observe Day of Hugging. It's very positive.

Hm... Nobody huged me too. (If we don't compute sms-hug xD) : (
It's true, few people know about this day!

I and my friends want organised this day in next year, in our city:)

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