Holiday I
2010-06-23 @ 21:27:32
Hurrah! At last I have holidays for which I waited so long!

Today I still had normal lessons but tomorrow I'm travelling to Wroclaw! I'm very happy, because I was never in this city and I have always dream of the travel there.

On Friday, as everyone know, finishing the school year and the receipt school certificate. I know that my report could be better, but unfortunately I didn't manage to work hard for the higher average ( I have 3,8). Perhaps I will manage better in the school new year?
How at you with final results? I hope that from yourselves you are satisfied.


Ola :)
I'm very, very happy the holiday starts!
I have been workin' hard all year and I need rest.
I'm really glad with my results.
But... Don't chat about school! The new theme: holiday!
Have you any plans?
; )

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