2010-06-21 @ 21:46:41
Hi! I will start with it, that I don't want to give my name... I don't know why, but please turn to me: english girl.
I'm 17 and I study at the secondary school.

Thi blog will be my second world... I will be able to here write everything what I want. I have hope, that you will help me to improve my English and I will get to know a lot of interesting people.

Bye, english-girl...


So hello, english-girl :)
I'm convinced you will be glad if you will be write here. Greetings.
Ola :)
Hi, English Girl.

I'd like to ask you...happy?

Good luck with writing your blog.
Ola :)
Sory... Little mistake:

I'd like to ask you... are you happy?
Hmm... I can't say that I'm unhappy, beacuse this isn't truth!In my house everything is all right,I'm healthy, I have eat and clothes... However for some reason inside I'm missing, alone I don't konw... but generally I'm happy!! :):):)

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