A few words about school uniforms
2007-07-12 @ 09:14:06
Rebellion. And more rebellion. And more. Teenagres often rebel. Rebellion is a symbol of growing. But who give us reasons to rebel? The controversial answer sounds: politicians called also: "babykissers" or "statesmen". Recenty , the most teens are against equal school uniforms. Giertych wants to us to wear uniforms and we protest! As far as I am concerned, I prefer casual clothes, but if I really had to choose beetwen skirt and trousers, I`d chosen the first. But there are also good things about school uniform. The century of very shorts T-shirts will end and there won`t be super blouses. But I know that teenagers will find another forbidden things to show others. Maybe iPod, mp4, expensive shoes? I don`t want school uniforms. They will not change our behaviour. Some people think that we will look like "twins-sisters". And let`s think now about the costs. Judging by appearances we may think that it won`t be expensive, but we are wrong! For poor families about 60 złotych per a child is very much! And how about the families, which have eight, nine or ten children? The cost will be 600 złotych, but remember that the kids want their parents to endulge their whims. What if the uniform will be dirty? Do we have to buy another for each child? In my school every person will have to buy clothes on their own. It`s absurdal...
Gadu-gadu communicator
2007-07-11 @ 08:27:03
Everybody from us know what the gadu-gadu communicator is. It is a very common program, esspecially in Poland, but it is known abroad, as well. We can have friends in friends-list and write to them. We may be: available, inaccessible, invisible and we can also have a describe of our feelings. Why am I writting it? Everybody knows about it :). And what`s more, we can add photos to our friens` profile, we may nix stupid profiles, we can even start a conference or conversation. And that`s it about gadu-gadu, and now about people. If you think taht I am interesting person and you wanna write to me I`m giving you my gadu-gadu number: four-one-five-three-eight-nine-seven.
Neo kids
2007-07-10 @ 09:59:51
This time, the first time, I would like to show you the most stupid and crazy film on YouTube.com. It shows the neo kids (children, who don`t know how to use internet, they make stupid films, have accounts on eg. fotka.pl, epuls.pl and write on this webs senseless comments)who are acting a fool. Their parents should immediately adopt a hard line towards them, because it`s quite dangerous to show movie like that.
This film doesn`t have nice comments. I`ll show you some of them: Neostrada + Tibia + Simsy + Eska = te dzieciaki,the one in reds probably gonna get beaten up alot when hes grows up....
As far as I`m concerned I think that this boy in red looks like Harry Potter, and this in black...wants to be a gangster! xD The boys wanted to make a parody of Crazy Frog, but the result is not rosy. Without internet, contrary to all appearances, they may turn out to be absolutely normal boys! So should parents allow their children use the net? Yes, if they are at proper age and they are under their control.
This film you can see in my links...
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