Support materials to learn Polish - exercises
2012-07-02 @ 19:24:46
When you have some understanding of polish language you can try to do some exercises about it:)

Here are the links:






Good Luck or I should say 'Powodzenia':)
Support materials to learn Polish
2012-07-02 @ 19:21:20
Here are some web-pages with tips which may help you to understand polish language:

things to be considered
2012-06-14 @ 23:44:47
- how should the direction and instructions be given,
- cueing,
- way of motivating students,
- Questioning skills,
- Distributing materials,
- Body language,
- Transitions between activities,
- Movement around room,
- Proximity control,
- Eye contact,
- smoothness,
education system in Poland
2012-06-14 @ 22:54:42
The following types of higher education institutions may be distinguished in the Polish system (including non-state institutions):
technical universities
agricultural schools
schools of economics,
teacher education schools
medical academies
maritime schools,
academies of physical education,
schools of arts
school of theology,
non-state schools of higher education.

The university-level education uses a numeric system of grades from 2 to 5, with grades every 0.5.
2.0 – failing grade
3.0 – lowest passing grade
5.0 – highest grade

Students in Polish schools typically learn one or two foreign languages at schools. The most popular obligatory foreign languages in Polish schools were:
English – 67.9%
German – 33.3%
French – 13.3%
Spanish – 10.2%
a few conclusions
2012-06-04 @ 23:10:43
I received help to create teacher’s training workshop, which includes knowledge of methods, such as:
- Activities during the lesson,
- Form of activating students
- Individualization of education,

I received many teaching tips and explanations of my doubts from each teacher.

I trained my theoretical and practical methodological skills.

I saw a big difference between knowledge from university and a school reality and how knowledge is converted into practical teaching activities.
active participation
2012-05-27 @ 22:03:24
Active participation in school life is also an interesting experience. Valuable information about the school and how it works were given to me by
Mrs. Margarida Morgado, who was a little shocked that her former student "came back to school":)

It is a very nice feeling to see and to know everything from the inside.
the emotions in teaching
2012-05-24 @ 02:28:25
Work of teachers and their involvement in my practice has caused that in the second week of training I started to teach classes.

Thousands of questions, rush of adrenaline and three deep inhalations and exhalations of air and the classes began. Suddenly uncertainty and all fear were gone and the classes proceeded quickly, smoothly and without major problems. Next week I wanted to teach all the possible classes because of these first classes.

Maybe I should not give classes because I have not reacquired M.A degree but I thought that the level of B.A and substantive preparation were sufficient to give classes on my own. Appropriate support from teachers, joint development of materials caused that the classes proceeded almost freely.
an attempt to promote a school, hidden gems and wonderful places :)
2012-05-24 @ 02:09:46
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