2007-04-15 @ 17:10:24
Well here is somethin not about my problems with boys 4 da first time.. i actually dont get this done 2 da end coz my BF is great but som1 else is in love with me 2 and i like him but just as friend and i told him tht and he said: '' we'll see who is going 2 be ur BF '' omg im lost and the really big problem is tht he saw me kissing with my BF and he came 2 us and said 2 me: '' CYa at my house honey!! my BF was so angry at me but i told him tht wat he said was a lie i would never go to his house... he believe it but he couldnt stop thinkig about tht da other 1 call me HONEY .... wat im suposte 2 do now ?? bit any way i told u tht i wouldnt talk about my BF problems and i did .. im such an idiot ... but now i dont hve time 2 write anything else soz:** my be som other time ... and by the way thx to Julie Cotril 4 helpeing me out with my prob. :))
2007-04-11 @ 21:53:27
Look i dont know what to do !! I told my crusher tht i have crush on him! finally he said tht he like me too. WAY TO GO :)) But the one tht he said tht like me too now is angry and one day i aks him is he angry at me and why and he said tht he is jeulsy about me going out with the other guy and he told me tht he LOVES ME !!! im completlly lost now... What im suposted to do ??? Help !!!!!!!!!!
Im over my crush but i've Started NEW one !!!
2007-04-06 @ 15:44:53
Hi Im totally over my 'CRUSH' on the tatto!! I have commnet form a person who is older then me and she was right tatto is totally frek to have i mena she didnt say tht tatto is freak but she said tht it is difficult to match it up with the style.Thank for ur advice.U r raelly helpfull and smart !! But i have got another big problem i like this guy and he seems to like me but another one said to me tht he like me too.and i like him but not in this kind of way i like him as a friend.I dont know how to tell him tht and not to hurt him too much!! What im suposted to do ??????? PLs HELP ME !!!
2007-04-04 @ 15:18:36
Hello ppl. Wat r u up 2 2day? Coz im tittaly bored i wont easter 2 began now i dont wont 2 waite. My uncle said tht In polish when u wont 2 say easter u hve 2 say something like Wielknoc.. it's totally grovy!!! I im so cunfused about me teenage life. Like what my purpuse is in life or when 2 B good and when not. It is so confusing if u get what i mean. I wont 2 do a tatto on my back but it wont be ig one and it will be low but if this will be low then none will be able 2 see is.Im so confused and my mom told me tht she will kill me if i do a tatto.HELP ppl!!!!!!!!
Hello PPL
2007-04-04 @ 12:42:17
How r u all 2day ? Im still bored.Im on MSN now but there is only fw ppl and im talkin with'em but still.I hop u like my website.
2007-04-03 @ 17:07:31
Hi im so bored.Am a home right now and you cant even imagine how boring i could be at home doing nothing or may be something like being on internet but i am all the time and ... i was like at million websites none of them good none of them intresting.But i dont have enything else better to do!! OH accept my mom wonts me to clean up my room,YEAH like im bother!!!! Im not even bother to change the CD in my stereo.But hey ? what are you up to today write mi a lot of comments i swear im goiong to reply all of them, Unless there will be a million of them but who cares... I will not be bored then.
2007-04-03 @ 15:39:53
Hi my name is Emma.My uncle is polish and that why im here otherways i wont be here because i would not know this page.And i do now so HERE I AM. I live in England.My uncle come to me on easter holydays,and then i ask him uncle do you know how to do a blog in english because you show me your one in polish.. and he said yes and he gave me this website.Unfortunetally,he said that he dont konow how to write in english so he said that if i wont to do this blog with him a need to write.(But i cut him out of this blog) And it will be only me who will write to you form now on.
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