at first
2009-10-02 @ 11:16:16
OK, let's start with this eanglish blog! Now, I'm sitting at home, because I have a cold! I'm so bored...and this blog is my new silly idea. I think that I stop add posts for a few days, because I'll be too busy on that...I'm really sorry for gramma mistakes.
What about say somethink about me? I'm 15. I choose this color of blog, because it has number 666666, but I don't like dark colors much. xD I'm friendly, creative and easygoing person. I like meet new people. I have lots of friends. We often meet and go to the centre or galery and have fun. Please add comments :D

*like meeting ,because after : love,like,hate etc.
-ING :D (remember! :P)

Thanks for the wishes ;P

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