My first Post:)
2012-08-18 @ 08:26:07
It will be a blog dedicated to my work as a writer.
I'll post short excerpts of chapters. I look forward to positive criticism;)

When I started my adventure with the writing, I did not have in mind a particular course of action is laid, the number of characters and the main story book. After more than three hundred pages of plain paper, I realized that all these threads to not carry anything specific. I arose from the never-ending book style series "The Bold and the Beautifu". The first pages were packed with dialogue, so it looked like the script, not the book.
After writing that a large number of pages, my life went so I was not able to concentrate on the content of the book. A few years abandoned the process to the end of that time to be able to burn both books without regret.

At that time, a lot of reading, which allowed me to improve the style, language enrichment, or change the category to something darker book than a soap opera without end. My character comes to life again. First, I decided to focus on a story that may become a book, if it exceeds the previously mentioned number of pages.

I do not regret the break in writing, because with that I can describe the trials and tribulations of teenage girls for having the margins of society. I wanted to pay attention to the threat or the so-called lifestyle diseases that are always up to date and relate to everyone.

That is why I decided to take care of a younger character - Ellie Martin, and the fate of my first (senior) character not yet been transferred from thought to paper. As a teenager, I can and more developed imagination, and the easier it was for an hour to write up to 20 pages a day, but now my novel is thought from beginning to end, and that I need a lot more this time.

I applied the patch, changing the meaning of the section because I did not want to start right away with the "fat pipe" because it's not that that was an action immediately, but to intrigue the reader. In my intention was not that the fragment like "Twilight". I do not even read! And I certainly did not watch.

read, evaluate, and please add comments:)


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