Piece of story about Ellie
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(...)It was already very late. Ellie was alone in the house, because the departure of Thomas greatly extended and informed the teenager. He had to come back the next morning.
She was sitting in front of laptop in totalitarian darkness. The light illuminates her face screen.
Looked through a lot of websites, searching for information about Julius Goldsmith and fire history of a psychiatric hospital named St. Michael in Sunset Valley. Its founder and director was the same man who took over as director of the school, which taught Ellie. But none of the open sides did not meet her expectations. Do not give up, however. His eyes slowly closed her and the letters become blurred. Rubbed it with his hand and resumed the search.
On the social networking site, which has always been online, there is a notification message from an unknown sender. Message was short and contained a warning that under no circumstances should you click on the link below the photo, because it contains a virus. It did not seem she is not a bit suspicious. Curiosity was stronger view content from it, because it was the latest anti-virus. Pulled a file with photos and after a while your computer is turned off. Launched it again, but in safe mode. Otherwise, she could not. On the desktop wallpaper came from bloody scene. The place where the photo was taken was lit with dim flashlight phone, so she could not identify him. On the wall were visible contours of human silhouettes chains chained by the wrists. The bodies were brutally mutilated. They have been stripped of all the viscera. A hole in the belly is not secreted. The opening began with a bridge and ran down to the pelvic bone. Noticeable in the foreground was a young woman. It was stripped from the skin, it was cut a piece of the muscles in different parts of the body. Could see the bone. Her dead body was lying on the operating table. Blood oozed from all holes. was devoid of eyes. Throat was deeply cut. In the left part of the picture, next to the woman's legs, stood a man in a white coat, his back to the camera. She could not change the wallpaper, because the computer was erased all of its data. Appeared on the desktop file that had nothing to do with the contents. Actually, she was senseless, as if the man punched a random combination of letters, numbers and characters when you save the file. "ZsEur.^24oD.avi" sounded strikingly, so she decided to open it, but she didn't know that it made a mistake, which can be very costly.(...)
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As a result, not foreseen circumstances ( i have problems at my home) and lack of time management, to improve the text still moves some time. Only reveal that the new version was a bit different planned and no longer resembles the original story little pinched "alive" with the glossy saga of vampire Edward. I do not have a fixed date, but where possible introduce these improvements in a short period of time.
Chapter II (episode)
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(...)Riddle asked to his office the new arrival, which apparently was very familiar. Their conversation rolled on a new home that Riddle had him do, even though this came to town with empty hands.
- Thomas, at the moment I could not find a decent apartment for you, but there it is. You have to live in it until ...
- "By the time"? So, how long?
- I really do not know. Can we go now to your new home?
He agreed, but did not look convinced these words, or excited. The house was somewhere on the outskirts of the city. The building from the outside had its neo-Gothic style, which was giving the creeps. This gave him the quintessential dark two faces turned to one another, statues of angels of death. The same form twice higher than Thomas. Angels held spears in their hands, facing downward, and at their feet lay the human body, which expressed the fear, pain, despair. Caused by thrusting a spear in his back. The building has three floors. Window next to the front door was broken and deposited large amounts of dirt and cobwebs. Both men reluctantly went inside, but Thomas was trying to keep cool. Riddle gave him the keys, and a significant gesture encouraged him to be open.
- Open. It's the end of your house.
Interior of the apartment did not make a good impression on Thomas. Stairs leading to the upper floors were as narrow as the interior staircase to brooklinskich suburbs. The walls on the ground floor were decorated with inscriptions and crosses offensive carved in wood. There were plenty. Especially next to the stairs to the clipboard. I do not mind Thomas missed it, but did not ask for it. He was slightly irritated look inside, but the comments kept in mind. The door of one of the rooms on the left side of the stairs to follow a single hinge. All around was the dirt, dust and general chaos reigned. Roznoszący be smelled throughout the house dreadful stench. Riddle began to give tours of his friend at his new abode. Crossed the threshold of the living room, which also did not look great. Furniture and decorated the dense web of thick layer of dust. At the center of the room lay a dark gray carpet, which was dried blood spots, mixed with vomit. The only one looking for a new piece of furniture was a creamy, slightly yellowed couch, standing in front of a TV that did not work.
- Great. I have a house on the junkies?! - Thomas shouted annoyed tone in which it was to feel the sarcasm.
- I may not look the best, but enjoy it at all ... something is found in the Appendix for free.
There is no chance of me here asked any girl. Thomas said to himself.
- I really have not found anything better?
This question was unanswered. He showed him the rest of the apartment, leading him to the very top, which looked bad on all floors. One of the rooms was locked. It is on this floor, the smell intensified. Thomas asked Riddle'ao source of the smell. But the boss did not know the answer to that question. He showed him the rest of the apartment. Leading him to the very top, which looked bad on all floors. The bathroom on this floor was locked from the inside. On the whole floor heard the dreadful stench. Thomas asked the boss about the smell, but he looked at his watch, he pretended not to hear questions and said that he must go. He left him alone. Thomas opened the window to somehow get rid of the smell, on this occasion, looking at all areas. In one of them saw a telescope pointed at a nearby house, and curiously looked through it, and the view that he had a chance to see made great impression on him. He saw a woman reversed back to the window that has just dressed. After a while, however, she disappeared behind the curtain. Smoked the last cigarette from the pack, thinking about the strange behavior of the boss.(...)
My first Post:)
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It will be a blog dedicated to my work as a writer.
I'll post short excerpts of chapters. I look forward to positive criticism;)

When I started my adventure with the writing, I did not have in mind a particular course of action is laid, the number of characters and the main story book. After more than three hundred pages of plain paper, I realized that all these threads to not carry anything specific. I arose from the never-ending book style series "The Bold and the Beautifu". The first pages were packed with dialogue, so it looked like the script, not the book.
After writing that a large number of pages, my life went so I was not able to concentrate on the content of the book. A few years abandoned the process to the end of that time to be able to burn both books without regret.

At that time, a lot of reading, which allowed me to improve the style, language enrichment, or change the category to something darker book than a soap opera without end. My character comes to life again. First, I decided to focus on a story that may become a book, if it exceeds the previously mentioned number of pages.

I do not regret the break in writing, because with that I can describe the trials and tribulations of teenage girls for having the margins of society. I wanted to pay attention to the threat or the so-called lifestyle diseases that are always up to date and relate to everyone.

That is why I decided to take care of a younger character - Ellie Martin, and the fate of my first (senior) character not yet been transferred from thought to paper. As a teenager, I can and more developed imagination, and the easier it was for an hour to write up to 20 pages a day, but now my novel is thought from beginning to end, and that I need a lot more this time.

I applied the patch, changing the meaning of the section because I did not want to start right away with the "fat pipe" because it's not that that was an action immediately, but to intrigue the reader. In my intention was not that the fragment like "Twilight". I do not even read! And I certainly did not watch.

read, evaluate, and please add comments:)

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