I'm back!
2008-05-29 @ 15:43:28
Hello again!

It seems to be so long since I’ve last entered my english blog. I’m really sorry about that but I’ve lost link to the site and then forgot completely about it.

But I’m back and have no intention to leave this blog anywhere in the near future.


Kisses for all! I’m going to update soon.
The future...
2007-08-26 @ 18:20:59
As a small girl I wanted to become a nun in the future. Then when my grandma talked me about her work as a nurse and I wanted to be one. When she told me that doctors are paid more I wanted to be a pediatrician – work with small children I like so much.

Weird, but a few years later started the first crisis in health service. The doctors in Poland started to strike. Then I didn’t want to be a doctor any more.

Thirteen years old young girl, namely Patricia had her first English lesson. And since then she decided she wanted to study English and become an English Scholar. I thought it would be perfect at that moment in my life. I thought that – Yes! That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life!

Now I’m seventeen and I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I like English, yes. Even love it in some way. I could graduate and then what? Teaching? No, no no… It’s really not a good idea. I don’t like teaching. It requires patience and I have no such thing in me. I’m sure I would strangle every child who’s not trying hard enough in my lessons.

So… what I am to do? There are so many possibilities that it makes my head spin. How do I know that the way I choose is THAT way, the perfect future for me? Oh, but I don’t expect perfection, of course. Just a quiet life with beautiful surroundings and equally wonderful people.

Kisses for all of you. I’m sure I have enough for everyone ;^)
Hello everyone!
2007-08-25 @ 12:04:18
I wonder if I can manage to write something in English. I’d like to try, of course, but the problem is that I have no ideas for the story. Care to help me? If you have some good ideas, please tell me about them in your comment. I’d appreciate it very much :^)

Some time ago I bought myself a trombone. I love to play it even though I live in a block of flats and my precious instrument makes pretty big noise. Anyway I play it by opened window so that everyone in my housing estate can hear my false notes. :^P

Have you ever wondered how death looks like? About a month ago I watched a TV program about clinical death. People there who experienced it say that it’s amazing! They say that in a certain moment they souls have left their bodies and that they could watch an operation taking place from someone else’s point of view. I mean they new they watched everything themselves but it seemed like they were floating around the room and it was weird for them to look at themselves lying on the table.
Some of them have seen theirs next to kin and even The Blessed Virgin!

Personally I’d like to experience clinical death. It would be very interesting and who knows… maybe I would get some answers I need to fully believe in God and the afterlife.

Bye now and see you soon!

Remember the ideas! If you want a specific story, tell me so in a comment. :^)
First Entry
2007-08-23 @ 18:50:46
So here comes my first entry. I’m really excited about the whole ‘writing blog in English’ thing. I’ve found an excellent page with many extras for your blog on Aunexamor’s web page. Direct link to her amazing designs is in my links. Hope you’ll find sth for yourselves.

Tomorrow I am going to start writing something. I think it will be a short story. Dunno if yaoi or just an ordinary story yet. I think it’s up to my crazy mind – whatever it’ll come up with and stuff like that.

I don’t know how many of you understand what I’m writing in here, but if some of you do I would really appreciate if you could point out my mistakes. That would help me a lot.

Sorry for so short entry, but it’s my first and I really have no idea what should I write on such occasion. Promise that it will be better with time. Just give me time to adjust.

Goodbye for now!
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