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Heya.This is Me.My regular name is Megan.What can I say about Me.I've emptiness in My head.I've been siting at english since afternoon and trying learn more than I know.It's a hard job to do it anyway :P
But KEEP THE FINGERS CROSS(hope I wrote that idiom correctly)Just let Me know guys is it that correct then I will know 4 a future how to write down.
Today is my day off thank God.So I had a relax and a peace from everything and everyone.After Easter time I'm rect and out of energy....I cooked,dusted and cleaned like a bloody idiot.Shortly I've got that what I wanted so can't complain now.Tomorrow is an other day and We have to move around and trying to be happy.
Always I have my hope 4 a better tomorrow,but sometimes lose my destination or maybe I am changeable and changing a sentense quit fast what is important 4 Me and THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH ME.I'm never finish My ideas and then get confused and wonder why I have nothing and the rest of people around Me have house or start it build apartment.,pass the language exams,finish the university...oooo Lord this is not so important...but some people just forgot pretty much about this simple fact-contemporary live this is it!!!ride of rats or whoever!!All right I'm going 4 a fag and take a sleep.The same story just different days.


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