Composite nature of myself
2010-08-06 @ 22:26:01
I feel so terribly.I 've been in doctor yesterday and have few days off on work.I back on monday if everything will fine.I have cold and flu.Nothing complicated but still.Sometimes I think thaht I waste my time anything I do or touch.It's weird.I am never satisfy on Myself-sickness.I am lazy but then have got plenty ambition.Two faces!!
I hope I will pass the driving licence in this year! At last I gonna go on yearly english course.?
Holiday week on September.What'll I do?Poland,England or lovely Green Island called Ireland:)Anything's will do.
My all friends doing sth useful or I receive speach in this way.Everyone take a study,have some course.But then when I think back I discover that change My live incredibly.I never thought will speak in english,gone to abroad and work there,been that strong person and got married.Live is really unexpectedly.
Ok so I go by now.Feel not well...Goodnight
2010-04-07 @ 23:56:31
Heya.I'm so tired.But today is the better day than yesterday anyway.After all Easter i feel more weary than ever.Things happend!!I am in this web-side since today so finally I need it more time to describe MY LIVE.
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