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2008-08-04 @ 16:55:26
I have readed all epizodes of Harry Potter at Polish, and it was like i have worn the Harry, i was living this book- "The Book Of My Live"-that i shout say.
Now I am going to read only at english ,and it works. I am becoming -slowly ,but do- better in this language.
Like I have said, Harry Potter is my favorite book at all, and he is my favorite hero, because his situacions in live are that same like my own, not at all of cours, I am not the Wizard and i am afraid i do not even know any of them;) ,but this world somehow have real and magic, but little older.
For example: old trains and from time to time clothes,builds(castle) and so on.

To anyone who didn't read, you shout, it is worth it ;)
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