This guy.
2006-12-09 @ 23:06:15

I get to know him yesterday.
He has got warm cheeks and he's very handsome..This guy dances so great..And he's so clever.I feel joy..anxiety..fear..He invited me to coffee..and I'm waiting now..Maybe I'm naive and stupid girl.

He told me that he's grateful because I filled emptiness with myself.

Will he call?
The nice meeting.
2006-11-27 @ 22:03:51
Today I met J. my friend from Poland but I knew him in Germany.It was realy crazy and strange meeting simultaneously. I felt summer during this autumn...
My resolution.
2006-10-27 @ 15:23:02
My resoution is easy: I'll be total lazy today. Hehe...hmm..Admittedly I'm lazy all the time but we can pass over it in silence ;)

I went by bus to Jaworzno 1 hour 40 minutes because of repair of main road.It was really terrible.
Now I'm setting in my room and I'm drinking coffe.I like it.
Yesterday I found in Internet very interesting side. Namely: I send invitations to my friends. It's next way learning english.

So..I'm going to library now so that to return book "Big Fish". It's very beautiful book and I recommend it you. If you want to read something exceptional you should write this book exactly.

Greetings and I wish you nice day :) See you.
Sunset in my soul.
2006-10-24 @ 16:25:43
Raindrops is falling from sky. But I'm in my comfortable room,wrapped in my navy-blue sweater. I have a strange day...
I'm missing guys a lot.It's already three months since I haven't seen them. I wonder if I'll meet them..I have seen their smiles and faces still.Where are you now?What are we doing?Are we thinking about this also?
The sunset.I feel bad.So bad.
Cappuccino Grand Cafe
2006-10-23 @ 13:51:26
I'm listening to very nice and smooth record.It's beautiful stuff..I'm so mellowin out.

"Fill my life with song
And let me sing forevermore
You are all I hope for
All I worship and adore
In other words please be true
In other words I love you."

My coffe is bitter,my feelings are strange.I think about my past... what we hadn't managed to do everythings on time.

My poor heart heal up.
I'm waiting for a sunrise.
Hello guys ;)
2006-10-22 @ 15:00:34
Well..It's my the first note in the blog.I need yours help so that iproving my English. I learn from 2 months but very intensive because I met foreign friends. I wanna freely talk with them when I'll meet them in the future.Can you help me? I will be thankfull :)
My name is Martina,I study journalism in Katowice.I'm sensitive and ambitious and I adore English :) Not long ago I fall in love with this language,hehe :)
Greetings :)
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