12. I don't like autumn! :(
2012-10-17 @ 16:44:13
Hi.. :)
How are you?
I don't feel well. I don't like autumn... When summer comes I'm happy, full of energy... What happens when autumn comes? I becomes lazy, sad, I don't want to do anything - I'd prefer to not go out of bed.
And - as you can see - I become very pesimistic person. I hate it :)

So i decided to do something to feel better and not feel tired :
*go to bed 22
*doing sport - jogging (brrr it's cold outside! :() and exercise in home
*don't waste so much time at the computer! (2 hours)

It's for now :) I hope I feel better thanks to this.
11. veerrryyy tired
2012-09-20 @ 19:43:03
How are you?
I'm veeeeery tired. I want weekend... I've got a biology test tomorrow. I hope that I get a good score. Fortunately tomorrow is Friday and next weeeeekeeend <3
But I've a lot to learn, so 'weekend' not exactly means 'relaxation' for me :(
ohhh, I want sleep :(
I hope that you are not as tired as I am :)
2012-09-19 @ 21:54:09
uuuuughh! I hate learning English in school. I don't like to learn so many things at once, because I know, that I don't remember it.. Tomorrow I've got test, and I didn't learn anything.. I'm a little bit scared.
2012-09-18 @ 23:07:54
Hi :)
I again forgot about this blog -.-

I feel that I'm totally forgot how to use english language... I'm in third class of high schol, in this year I have a final exam and I finish school.
But... First I must pass. I'm scared that I'm not passed.
So... I thought that I should start practising my English, so I will write on this blog. I'm also thinking about sign up on lang-8 website. Do anybody of you use this site?

2011-07-16 @ 00:47:07
I don't know why I didn't write here. I probably forgot about this blog.
When I read my post in this blog I see very very veeeery much mistakes. But I don't know how mistakes I made. Actually... I think that importatnt thing with learn languages is writing, speaking, listening and every little things how we doing with this language. Verbs etc. we can learn in the meantime.
So... I don't pass in third class my high school. No, I'm not stupid girl who had only bad marks. I didn't go to school. I couldn't. And I decided that would be better for me if I didn't pass.
Sometimes I think that it was very stupid, but I know it will be better for me.
2011-04-26 @ 11:13:09
Heeeello :D
Tomorrow I came back home.
On Sunday evening I went to my friend for the night. We didn't see for three years! The cool thing is that even if we don't see for a long time, we always have something to talk about :)
It was fun.
We recalled our ideas and adventures as we were little. For example, once (we were 6 years old) as the parents left us at the moment in the yard, we took each other's hands, we left the house and went over the pond (where it was very dangerous). They searched us several hours after the whole neighborhood, I wanted to call the police, and how they saw us standing by the water and have fun.
We were like Flip and Flap :D
Or as our parents did a party and I steal them with champagne, I went to my friend and drank only a little longer and we swam in the heads and all. And then we all looked for me and I slept in the bath. :D
Yesterday I went to my grandmother and aunt. They wanted me to stay for the night, and all said they rarely arrive.
It was fine. We sat in the garden and chatting. I would like to live in a house with a garden, and not, as now - in the block. :\
2011-04-23 @ 13:55:05
Hello :)
How are you?
I woke up at 8 am and I went for a shopping. Then I came back home, ate breakfast and went for a walk with my dog. Later I go for a church with my sisters. Uhh I don't like Easter. I don't like a house full of people, lively conversation, etc. And you? What do you think about Easter?
I go for a walk. I need a rest from the people.
Happy Easter to all. :)
I love Mondays! :D
2011-04-18 @ 16:37:15
Tommorow I was in shopping with my mom.
I love buy new the things ^^
But how woman, don't like.. ;p
Today I was in school, and it's great :)
It's strange, but... I think I liked Mondays :D
Only two days yet!
I like school, I like Monday, I like people.
Everything is good :D

Owww I'm soooo happy. I'm sorry, but I had write this :D
And how is your day? :D
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