I need some help...
2008-02-08 @ 20:11:07
Excuse me...
I want to delate my blog.
How to do it?
2008-01-07 @ 22:27:35
It's the first note in this new, 2008, year.

I'm too lazy to write something about my New Year's Eve & Day but I can write my most important resolution:

I'll be learning! I promise!

And it's all because... I'm lazy!
2007-12-13 @ 14:14:30

There is awful outside. There is cold, cloudy, windy, wet and horrible.
I hate weather like that.

It's December. December should be snowy and frosty. And it's not. There isn't any snow.
And I'm sick. I hate be sick.
And... And... And...

I want Christmas. With snow and Christmas Tree and my family... It'll be great. I'm going to my groundma by Piła this year. I'm gonna be with my Agatka and Dominik. They're my cousins.

We always have got a lot of fun. When there is dark outside we go out and do funny and wear things. Somethimes we make 'angels' in the snow. Usually 'angels' make children but I love it.

And it'll be great. ^^'
2007-12-12 @ 16:58:37

I'm first time here and I can make a lot of mistakes... But I started to write here because I should make my english better (and my friend said he will give me his blog adress if i will start write mine).
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