2010-11-30 @ 21:38:58
I don't write hier a long time, because i dont' have time. I have a lot of tasks in my school. Tomorrow i have test of geography in thursday i have math test and in friday i have test of polish.
2010-10-25 @ 18:37:46
Hi ! Last 3 days i spent on the trip. I was in Kudowa Zdrój with my all class. I think that this trip was the best trip i've ever been and i hope so that the next trip will be also successful :)
Ehh...!! :(
2010-10-18 @ 20:08:23
Today i'm all day long in house and i lern very much. Tomorrow i have test of the German and day afer tomorrow i have big test of the biology - it's 70 page's handbook, so i have realy few time for this blog. Bye !
Hi !
2010-10-10 @ 21:00:44
Hi, I'm Marcin from Poznań. I go to the IX high school in my city. My nickname is: Eddie, Edzio or Edzió. I very like listen music. I prefer rock and metal bands like Rammstein, AC/DC or Black Sabbath.
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