Basket <3
2009-03-30 @ 18:41:50
Uhhh.... I've just arrived from training which wasn't be =) I have stings of remorse because I haven't been on 3 trainings... I know that is strange, but I'm all strange :)I think that I've forgotten how to play basketball :) I know that it isn't true but I feel sth like this... =)

Ok... I said that I love basket and I play in team etc. I also go for a matches and I'm cheering "Asseco Prokom Sopot" team(It is a champion of Poland ;)). I really like going for matches and I was on all in this season. My favourite player from this team is David Logan. He is a Shooting Guard and he is really good at it. He was MVP(Most Valuable Player) two times. In season 2005 an 2007/2008. I like watching him. I've also heard that he'll play for polish representation ! And he'll get polish nationality ! I'm really happy because he's a good player and I think he'll help polish team... =)

Bye Bye =**

David Logan----->
Asseco Prokom Sopot----->
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