Hay :)
2009-04-30 @ 16:30:47
oh, i've been here a long time ago. Well, If i'm already here, i would write something ;P

Today i wasn't at school i wasn't at music school.It's horrible ! I have headache, cough and big catarrh. perhapsit is flu? i don't know. But there is one good thing :) Today at midnight I'll go for match Asseco Prokom Sopot-Anwil Włocławek, Oh, it will be an exciting match, Very exciting ! xD

Yeah , and tommorow weekend :) I will learn, learn and leran ! But on Sunday I withmy mum will working in our garden :) So..

Bye Bye ;*

P.S. I'm happy that weather is beautiful :) I love summer and good weather, and you ?

Not only you wasn't at school today :)I love summer too.Even today morning it seemed to me I felt a smell of stawberries xD
I hope Anwil Włocławek win!
Have a nice weekend:)
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Take care**
Sun makes me feel tired if I'm in light for too long, that's why I hate working in the garden. I get dizzy in a moment.
But I like summer, I like swimming, long strolls an so on :)

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