Hi :)
2009-03-28 @ 19:55:44
Today I went to music school and I was playing piano 4 hours :)) I have piano in my house but I prefer grand piano. I don't know how to write it, but grand piano and piano.... hmmm Grand piano has totally different sound than a piano. And I love it :) When I play piano a feel that I can something and I'm good at it. I feel strong...

I have to learn by hard all my piano program. On seventh of April I'll play compositions and commission will watch me :/ I feel a bit scary, because I can't my program yet. But... Everything will be good... I think ;)

See you soon :*



Great blog!really great!
I'm understand you.When I'm singing songs feel strong.

I very like sing.This is my passion.

yeah...everything will be ok:) dont't worry:)
I love piano music but I only listen, not play:( I keep fingers crossed for you:)
I think everything will be good !! every human who listen the music is interesting
Hello:)Very nice blog really:*

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