happy day ! ;)
2009-03-25 @ 15:40:26
Hi !

Today, I woke up And I looked through the window and I saw..... a lot of snow! arghh . Outside was very cold and slippery. I arrived to school on second lesson :P But i was glad :) Then I went to a competiton of ping-pong. I won a cup ! BUT I HATE THIS SPORT !!! :D I like more basketball ! But I'm happy of my cup because it's my forth... ;d ok... I don't know what to write... See you soon !


You must be good if you have won the cup :) I like ping-pong more than basketball but I have been playing only bilard lately, no other sports.

Yeah, I want shining Sun and calm weather...
You shouldn't complain about weather. I'm leaving in Melbourne in Australia. I was very,very close to fires. It was very hot, you can't even imagine how hot can be in Australia. I wish I can go back to Poland sometimes and just play on the snow or just simple lay down on it. Take care all of you. Regards. Ania
I love basketball too! And ping-pong... you've right how it is. All my life I couldn't play that game :)

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