Where I live.
2008-03-21 @ 12:30:32
I live in Krakow in big block of flat near my University. I rent a flat which my sister, her friend and boyfriend.

Our place have 3 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. I have a cramped, cold room. Nevertheless I like my room because is only my.
I don’t have to share my space to live like my sister. She live which her friend, but she always be in her boyfriends room.
I don’t have many furniture. I have only two bookshelf, bed, chair desk and computer. I haven’t even wardrobe.
My clothes are in one bookshelf and in bed.
My favourite place is our kitchen. We have there many useful equipment like: freezer, microwaves, oven( I hadn’t this things in my last flat).

Maybe someday I’ll build or buy my own house, but now have to live in this flat. At least as long as I study.

You have at least your own room. I compart with my sis:/
if I can ask.. what are u studying ?
I'm studying computer science at University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

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