02.12.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:51:07
Today it is a very good day! I was in school and have a great time after that :D
01.12.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:50:22
I went to school :D I got good marks so I'm happy :D
30.11.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:48:46
I'm feeling better :D I will go to school as soon as it is possible
29.11.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:47:25
Finally we got weekend :D I'm going to go to school on monday :D
28.11.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:45:28
I'm still threating...
27.11.2014 r.
2014-12-02 @ 18:43:58
Today I got ill... I didn't go to school...
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