12.11.2014 r.
2014-11-12 @ 20:45:19
This day I was at school... I enjoied it but I get no fives ;( next I was in Pionki visited Biedronka and have my extra guitar lessons.
11.11.2014 r.
2014-11-12 @ 20:40:36
Today I was chilling... The only thing which I do was my bike trip ^^
10.11.2014 r.
2014-11-12 @ 20:37:21
Today I wasn't in school ;o
I was feeling bad but after some time I was feeling better and I go to play on the guitar in my school :)
2014-11-12 @ 20:33:37
I will add some posts for everyday ;3
Enjoy ;)
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