Coffee time
2011-10-07 @ 15:31:47
Uh uh, I love goats! You know why? Because of coffee, I live for coffee, and for smoke. I love both.
According to one of the legends, coffee was discovered by goats!They, after eating fruits from coffee tree, were more activ than usually.
Shepherd noticed that, and try it too.Since then, he was more active too, and he forgot about tired.
And that's why I love goats <3

One more thing, I learn english 3 years, so I can make some mistakes. If you find it, please - correct me :)
2011-10-06 @ 22:22:26
Drug oh my dear drug, I need you now. So much. You're not here. why? why?
You like a human, sometimes I can feel you, sometimes I can touch you, but not always.
Since I want, since I need.
It's not really important.
It's bad day.

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