2010-11-22 @ 21:06:26
Today im doing again my homework. It is for TI. I dont like reading blog. Probably thats because this is homework. Thats my 4 post.
2010-10-26 @ 11:47:36
some time ago i was in school trip.We were in Kudowa Zdrój.That was very good trip.A lot of time we were riding train.But also we ride a bus.
2010-10-18 @ 16:52:09
I'm writing my new post already.Tomorow i got IT for what is this homework.I have also deutsch language to learn.Propably this tests wont be so hard.Nexst post i will write on 1 week.
2010-10-11 @ 17:50:49
First day of my writing blog.I'm doing homework from information technology.I also have to do much more homerwork from other subject.That isn't very easy as albody thinks.
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